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Dolores Fielding



Doloris has resided in the US Virgin Islands for over 30 years but has also lived in rural, urban, and suburban areas in the mainland USA including one an island with a very different landscape — Manhattan.
After earning a master’s degree in Speech Pathology and Audiology from Penn State, she continued with studies in “Deaf and Hard of Hearing” at Radford University in Pennsylvania and Gallaudet University in Washington DC. She also attended NYU Rubella Institute. From there, she received training in ESL with Montessori International. After training with Peace Corps to go to Iran, Doloris ended up on the beautiful island of St. Croix.
As a lifelong learner, Doloris recognized the importance and joy of growth and personal development. She has attended many ASHA conventions and participatred in numerous CEU workshops on stuttering, cleft palate, sign language, autism, linguistics, etc. She has studied French, Spanish, Italian, and Farsi where she has a basic working knowledge.
Throughout her career, Doloris has dedicated her life to working in schools, hospitals, home health care, private practice, camp for children with emotional problems. Her work has given her the opportunity to travel to many states and most continents, including Aphasia in South Africa, Bali, Panama, and Brazil.
Her community work is vast. She has served as President of Altrusa International, the Calligraphy Guild of DC, and served on the Board of the ALS Society in D.C. In the early 70s, she laid the groundwork and pathway toward advocacy for parents of children with disabilities, which resulted in education access for the deaf in our local schools.
Doloris has an adoration for the Heliconia — a tropical flower she specialized in during my early farming days. Above all, she is a proud mom of her son Andy, who was born at Charles Harwood, and his wonderful wife Leila, and grandchildren, Nico and Ayla. She is semi-retired and dedicates most of her time to the restoration and agricultural endeavors related to a 250-year-old estate. Most of all Doloris continues to enjoy her beloved St. Croix and working towards the Children’s Museum’s goals

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