Winifred Loving (President), Marlon Williams (Vice President), Eleanor Hirsh (Secretary),

Khema Loving (Treasurer), Christopher Finch (Asst. Treasurer), Leslie Repp, Megan Littlefield, 

Dolores Fielding, Donna Duffy, Ana Soto-Browne, and Amy Parker De Sorbo.


     Conceived as a fleeting thought by my daughter back in 2012 after the second largest oil refinery in the western hemisphere, Hovensa,  closed their doors here on the island of St.Croix, the idea of a children's museum resurfaced as a nagging itch in 2016 for me when my 9-year-old granddaughter, Lilah Gizelle, solemnly expressed that "there was nothing fun to do after school." Well, that was all the catalyst needed to send me, a retired teacher and poet, spiraling head-first into organizing and planning mode for what would become a delightful, hands-on, creative outlet for children and their parents. Meeting after meeting with such great hearts and innovative minds as Claudette Adjoa Young Hinds, Roumenka Chapkanova, Marlon Williams, Carmen Barreiros, Sansara Cannon, Khema Loving, Michelle Moore, Vida Petersen, Deanna James, Allyson Reaves, Christina Frederick-Gasperi, Dolores Fielding, Jessica Cuyler, Ellie Hirsh, Ana Soto-Browne, Chris Finch, Leslie Repp, Megan Littlefield, Yemaya Jones, Daisy Lafond, Sara Otis, Nereida O'Reilly, Alethea Raynor, Kristina Torres, Jeannette Guzman, Dewey Hollister, Donna Duffy and Amy Parker-De Sorbo, this precious undertaking had nowhere to go but upward and onward, full steam ahead.


     In the following months of the new year (2017), By Laws were drafted, Articles of Incorporation were filed, our Non Profit Corporation status was officially acquired, along with our very own EIN, proposals were granted necessitating the opening of a checking account, purchase of pop-up transportation and a dedicated USPS mailing address. All the while, ideas were flowing, supplies and equipment were being purchased or donated, and mini opportunities for exposure were popping up everywhere, even at The Botanical Gardens, our new home. Our purpose has been clear from the start: To offer a multi-faceted, delightfully interactive and creative space where children and families can uncover a variety of learning opportunities inherent in play. As an accessible and affordable multi-sensory facility for true learning, inspiring discovery and exploration, we strive to spark intellectual curiosity and imagination through immersion and active engagement. So, on behalf of the Officers and Members of the Board of Directors and our Volunteers, we are ever so grateful for the chance to brighten your child's day, their outlook, and their smile.

Winifred Loving, President

The Children's Museum of St. Croix